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Time lapse: first go

I had my first go at a time lapse today. I recorded Loren and I making our stop motion film in the AV suite. I used a camera from Photography and they also had a Hahnel Giga T Pro wireless timer – which was a bit hard to set up and you had to take the battery out of it when you weren’t using it because it would drain it quickly. The timer meant that you could set up the camera to take photographs every so many seconds/minutes for up to 99 photos, this was a pain because you zoned out the photography noise so it took ages to notice that it had ended when you were trying to do something else as well.

I took photos on and off over a space of 3 hours at a rate of 1 photo every 5 seconds. In total I had 1,217 photos. I don’t have any movie software at home so I used Photoshop using the tutorial video. Photoshop was pretty rubbish at playback and music so it was hard to judge the speed. I rendered it at 50 fps, which gave me a 40 second film and in this case at a pretty good speed until Loren and started talking and my express arms started to look like a crazy dancing jellyfish. The change of camera angle also helped to keep interest. At uni they’re using a new video editing software that I’ve never used before – Adobe Premiere – I will need to get a lesson.

I wasn’t trying to make a good time lapse film, but wanted to try out the equipment and make tentative steps to figure out what workings work well.

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